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Gabriel Reid-Oxley
Great experience with this company! The owner is very humble, his workers are very knowledgeable, and very easy to wo...
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Dec 29, 2016
Pedro Ureña
We love it
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Nov 19, 2016
Dawood Oshana
Great store so nice suits we love it
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Nov 12, 2016
Dina Yousif
The great one please sale woman suit too please we know ypu guys sale mens suit but we neet for woman my brother he b...
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Nov 12, 2016
Iman Pola
Great store
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Nov 12, 2016
Emad Pola
Great job youndoing guys
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Nov 12, 2016
Salman Patel
The user left just a rating.
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Nov 6, 2016
Puru Moorthy
I was refered by a friend, prices are good. Im very satisfied with their work. Friendly service, take care of your ev...
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May 7, 2016 paragraph here.

A Passion for Tailoring

Many of our clients have told us that we are the best tailors in Canada. You deserve to have a suit that fits you perfectly, and our owner is happy to help you get the look you want.
In the Words of Our Owner"I've been doing this for the past 30 years. For me, tailoring is not just a job, it's a passion. I am transforming something two dimensional and inanimate into a three dimensional suit that lives and walks with my client. It's a bit like being a sculptor." —Freddy

Contact us at 905 266 2820 in Woodbridge, Ontario, to personalize your own look with our custom suits

Business hours

Mon - Fri  10:30 -7:00

Sat             10:30 - 6:00

Sun            Closed